Thirst takeaway menu


Roasted salt and pepper cashews / ma muang him ma paan orp kem 8.90

Spicy roasted crickets / jingrid yang gleua prik 8.90

Fish cakes / tort man bplaa (4) 12.90

Chicken satay / satay gai (4) 12.90

Thai sausage / sai ouah Chefs suggestion 13.90

Sweet corn fritters / tort man kaao poht (4) House specialty ** includes peanuts 12.90

Spring Rolls / bopia tort (4) ** includes wheat 12.90

Vegetarian spring rolls / bobia tort (4) ** includes wheat 12.90


Chicken salad / laab gai Chef’s favourite 23.90

Salad of beans, corn, peas, cashews and lightly fried sweet potato/yam thaw mantles

naam makaam **includes cashews 21.90

Crispy fish salad (hot) / yam bplaa gap prik House speciality ** includes peanuts 24.90

Green papaya salad (hot) / som dtum ** includes dried shrimp 21.90

Please advise us if you prefer a mild dish

Hawker style:

Traditional Pad Thai ** includes peanuts and dried shrimp 22.90

Chicken Pad Thai ** includes peanuts 22.90

Vegetarian Pad Thai ** includes peanuts 20.90

Pulled pork shoulder, stir-fried Siamese watercress, fried egg with sweet chilli sauce and 24.90

Stirfry chicken with chilli jam, basil, seasonal vegetables and cashews / gai pad yaam 23.90

prik bai graphao met ma muang

Bean curd and basil stir fry / dtao huu pad pet bai gra phao ** with oyster sauce (includes gluten) 21.90


Green curry with trout dumplings / gaeng kiao warn luuk chin bplaa House Speciality 24.90

Grilled beef curry – Penang style / neua yang gaeng penang ** includes peanuts Staff favourite 24.90

Red curry of prawns and squid / gaeng daeng ggong bplaa meuk 25.90

Mild yellow curry of pumpkin, potato, grilled bean curd and rice noodle/ gaeng heuang fuk tong dtao luu22.90

Massaman curry of beef / gaeng massaman neua ** includes peanuts 23.90

Please advise us if you prefer a mild dish


Pork fried rice / kaao pad muu 19.90

steamed jasmine rice / kaao suai 3.50

Sticky rice / kaao niew 4.50

( All dishes may contain traces of nuts )

All prices include GST