about us

The sound of mortars and pestles pounding and coconut milk bubbling along with the tantalising aromas of mint, coriander, zesty fresh lemon basil, fish sauce and palm sugar all hanging thick in the humid air captures the spirit and essence of Thailand’s buzzing street food scene.

Follow the crowds on any major Thai thoroughfare to where traffic and pedestrians converge, perch yourself on one of the plastic stools or upturned crates and watch fabulous fresh food being prepared right in front of you.

Over many years, Thirst’s creator and Chef Jeff Piper spent a lot of time scouring the streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai seeking out these fabulous creations. What better way to hone your cooking techniques and language skills than to watch these dishes being prepared and finding out that secret ingredient or preparation technique that makes some dishes stand out.

At Thirst we have created a menu that combines the beautiful taste, textures and flavours of Thai food with local ingredients and modern techniques.

All our curry pastes and sauces are hand made in house by our dedicated chefs who wish to share with you the wonderfully complex, aromatic and exotic flavours of modern Thai food.

Thirst’s bright lanterns and bold colours recreate a Bangkok essence and the casual wine bar atmosphere is vibrant, fun, flexible and family friendly. Whether it’s an ice-cold beer or glass of wine with a quick snack before taking in a movie or a gathering with friends to share one of our cocktail jugs before dinner, you will find Thirst to be a great place to eat, drink and enjoy modern food from the streets of Thailand.